City of Brooksville delays Sunrise Consulting Group rehire

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Mon, 06/19/2017 - 10:26am

City of Brooksville delays Sunrise Consulting Group rehire

June 19, 2017 - 10:26


Sunrise Consulting Group is the lobbying firm that represents the city of Brooksville in Tallahassee. The proposed 12 month agreement dated June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018 between Sunrise and the city of Brooksville continues to provide a $2100 monthly payment to Sunrise consulting group in exchange for continued representation before the Florida Legislature and Executive Branch. A monthly report will be provided to the city.

The total amount spent over the previous contract period was $25,200.

During the June 5th city council meeting, Kemmerer expressed his desire to have Sunrise Consulting group continue representing the city in Tallahassee. He said that it may not hit the jackpot every year but it does turn out beneficial in the end.

The several council members felt that they needed to postpone the contract start date until August in order to get a better feel for the budgetary constraints.

Mr. Foster explained that if the contract began June 1 he’d use the time to meet with legislators to explain the importance of certain projects and sort out where the funding dollars are coming from.

“I want to keep it, but I think we can delay it a couple months. I don’t think we have to do it tonight,” said council member Bernardini.

“I can’t vote for it in the face of the city manager saying he doesn’t have the money,” said Mayor Battista.

“If you miss the planning season, your crops aren’t going to grow and the primary time to prime the pump is the next two months,” said Kemerer.

Council Member Kahler felt that now is the time to rehire Mr. Foster because in August there will be no point as they will have missed the planning period.

Vice Mayor Erhard stated that if the city is talking about increasing fire fees and ad valorem taxes, this issue is the least of the city’s problems. “We’re going to have to answer for our budget and where the money goes… at this moment I’m still saying no. I don’t mind waiting until we get through the budget,” said Erhard.

The council voted to delay one month to make a determination on the contract.

Committee week starts in September.