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Dr. Bill Lester works for the University of Florida IFAS Extension Service in Hernando County as the Urban/Commercial Horticulture Agent.

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Don’t move firewood

December 30, 2016 - 15:32

UF/IFAS Extension offices and master gardeners frequently receive questions from homeowners about the health and viability of their lawn and landscape plants. By far, the most valuable, long-term investments in the landscape are trees. They provide structure, shade and shelter. Mature trees add resale value to a property too. It is worth taking time to maintain them with proper care.

Master Gardeners Needed

August 11, 2016 - 20:44

UF/IFAS Extension Hernando County

What is a Master Gardener? What do they do? Is the program for everyone? All good questions. Here we will try to provide the answers. Master Gardener programs exist in all fifty states and in Canada. The program goals are to provide instruction and science-based information to individuals who will, in turn, volunteer in the community to share that knowledge with the public. Requirements to participate vary from state to state. Florida’s Master Gardener program is part of the Extension Service of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

How to Avoid Zika Virus in Hernando County

June 29, 2016 - 19:51

by DR. WILLAM LESTER UF/IFAS Extension Hernando County

I’m sure that most of you have seen or heard on the news about the Zika virus and mosquitoes. Zika is the latest in a long line of mosquito borne diseases that have affected the residents of Florida. Zika is a virus that is native to West Africa and Uganda and has spread to different tropical regions of the world. At the time of this writing there have been over 180 confirmed cases of Zika virus in Florida; but because many patients show no symptoms of the virus, there is no clear idea of exactly how many people have been infected.

Hernando County's Master Gardeners Looking for New Volunteers

March 14, 2016 - 20:17

Dr. Lester is a UF/IFAS Extension Horticulture Agent

Master gardener

The University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service performs many valuable services for Florida’s residents. Many of the programs that Extension deals with involve horticulture: working with local farmers, teaching classes on gardening, and working in the local schools. But since most counties have maybe one horticulture agent, we get spread a little thin sometimes. This is where our volunteers, the Master Gardeners come in handy.

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