Finding Fulfillment in Life

Special to Hernando Sun, Keryth Rowland
Ms. Rowland is a high school student at Wider Horizons School in Spring Hill


The secret to finding fulfillment in life is different for everyone. The main hope for people is to live a long, happy life where all goals are achieved and there are no regrets.

People by nature are busy creatures. As much as we complain that we want to lie in bed all day and do nothing, there are very few people who could actually do that and find happiness. Fulfillment cannot be found by being lazy and doing nothing. However, some people, especially younger people, often find it difficult to think of something fulfilling to do.

Consequences of Ignoring Reality

Special to Hernando Sun, Caitlyn Deam

This country was founded on the principle of hard work, the opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every citizen, and the will of good American citizens hoping to make America the best it could possibly be. Throughout America’s history, which includes violence and struggles inside the government and society itself, American citizens have often realized their issues and risen to the occasion; whether it be a nationwide call for war or a simple community issue.

Where Have We Gone?

Caleb Zapata

History is a unique concept; just when you think you understand it, or grasp the patterns, you lose it. Many people believe the United States is heading for a strenuous path. Our youth today are unlike anything seen before. Ignorance is not only accepted but expected among the adolescents and juveniles who take part in ludicrous activities like “anonymous” or rioting in cities like Baltimore. Where has respect gone?

No Consequences, No Accountability

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Although authority figures, especially politicians, often say, “I take full responsibility” for an egregious act on their watch, they remain in the position with no disciplinary action taken. They usually blame the opposition or their underlings for the problem or hide under the table.

The whitewashing of irresponsible, reprehensible and illegal behavior has become the new normal. From local to state to national events we are witnessing obvious dereliction of duty and criminal events identified and investigated by authorities without any demotion, firing or criminal actions.

“Yes” or “No” on Half Cent Sales Tax

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The residents of Hernando County are being bombarded by the cry to vote “yes” for a half cent sales tax for the schools. They are pretty much the only voices being heard, the only side backed by big money that should have actually been spent on an expert to make the current budget work for the students. Those opposing the tax have had no money for advertising or a web page, but are their arguments any less valid? What will be best for the students, a “yes” vote or a “no” vote?

Parents Have a Right and Responsibility to Control their Child's Learning

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In tribal times the necessary skills were passed down from parent to child. The roles and expectations were clearly defined by the clan’s spoken history. Choices were simple and limited. People learned from adult role modeling. They also shared their knowledge in specific activities and chores.

In the Golden Age of Greece philosopher -teachers were sought after by the powerful. They wanted these self-educated men to shape the minds of their children through learning. They chose the educator, specified the areas of learning and intimately monitored the process.

Hernando County's Entertainment Wish List

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Hernando County appears to be regaining its footing in terms of trying to boost and grow our local economy. New businesses, restaurants and retail stores have been calling Hernando County home this past year and it surely is a step in the right direction in regards to helping lower our unemployment rate and give county residents more options to spend their dollar. While many good things are happening across the county and show promise to continue in that direction, there is still an aspect that many residents feel is lacking, more diverse entertainment options.

The Importance of a Local Newpaper


The media surrounds us, but does not inform us of the issues in our local communities. That is the job of a local newspaper, one that is owned and operated by citizens of the community in which they write about. Journalists who live locally have a stake in finding out the truth and understanding community issues, since it is where they live and raise their family. They will be more dedicated to the well being of the community than a writer that lives an hour away in the big city.