New positions created to comply with federal law

In December 2015, President Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), an updated version of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), President Bush’s 2002 effort to provide updated standards and school accountability. Through annual grants, the federally funded Title I program supports children who are low achieving or at risk of failing to meet state education standards, especially in the areas of reading and math.

Superintendent's Update 8/16/16

Karen Jordan, Information Officer for the School District, announced several changes in staff which occurred over the summer.

Gina Michalicka, previously Executive Director for Academic Services, has been promoted to Deputy Superintendent.

John Stratton, formerly the principal of Central High School, will succeed Michalicka as Executive Director of Academic Services.

Chris Mundell, who has served in many capacities in his 14 years in the transportation department, has been promoted to the position of Assistant Director of Transportation.

Boyce Siblings excel in academics and music

Hernando Sun Staff

Boyce siblings, photo submitted

This month, the Hernando Youth Orchestra Concertmaster, John Boyle, 16 is heading to Baylor University in Waco, Texas to begin his studies. He earned a scholarship to Baylor with an excellent academic record and exceptional skill as a violinist. He has been a member of the HYO for nine years. John plays a number of other instruments and has also participated in the Hernando Symphony Orchestra.

Citizens Comments July 19th HCSB meeting

Pam Everett expressed concern about the letter from Gus Guadagnino on social media which stated, “Yesterday I was made aware that the 2015-2016 preliminary district and school grades were posted on the Florida DOE school grades webpage. As a current member of the HCSB, I am calling on every educator, parent, and student to come together as a unified voice to let our legislators and the FDOE stop using our children as test pilots for their standards assessment of the FSA.” Everett asked, “If the HCSB is opposing retention of 3rd grade students, why have we not heard about this yet?” .

Discussion on taxes that support infrastructure

The Hernando County School Board voted to approve the tentative millage rates for fiscal year 2016-2017 at the first public budget hearing on July 19th.

One segment of the property tax is the 1.5 mill capital outlay tax, which will generate $12,420,332 in revenue during the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Similar to the half cent sales tax revenue ($7.5 million for FY 2016-2017), the capital outlay tax can only be spent on capital projects which include expenses such as construction, remodeling, maintenance and technology. It cannot be spent on teacher salaries or benefits.

Hernando County School District is serious about coffee

Photography by Anaya Coffee

The Hernando County chool Board voted to approve a one year contract with Jaguar Coffee Co, Inc, based in Spring Hill to provide coffee and espresso products for four high schools: Nature Coast Tech, Hernando High School, Central High School and Springstead. Although the documentation in the agenda packet only includes the first three, during the meeting it was stated that Springstead would be included as well.

New press box for Hernando High School

The Dant Clayton Corporation out of Louisville, KY was chosen to provide a prefab press box, including 42" guardrail, intermediate steps with hand rails; enclosed pressbox understructure; steel angle frame understructure; slanted front tinted windows; (2) HVAC units; additional uplift roof strapping per Florida code.

School Board Member Gus Guadagnino was concerned about why the school district was not choosing to use a local builder to construct the new press box at Hernando High School.

Donations to the Hernando County School District from the July 19th, 2016 Regular School Board meeting agenda

Donation of Three (3) Kindle Fire Tablets from Ms. Vivian Rivera, President of the Miss Hispanic Queen of Hernando County

Cash Donation from AXA Advisors in the Amount of $1,000.00 to the Hernando County Schools Academic Services Department.

Vehicle Donation from Barry Jack Weber to Nature Coast Technical High School's Automotive Program.

Check Donation from LaRocca Chiropractic to Nature Coast Technical High School Boys Basketball in the Amount of $1,000 to be Used Towards the Purchase of a New Score Board.