Who was F.W. Springstead?

F.W. Springstead High School

Frank W. Springstead High School has served Hernando County since 1975. This leads to the question of who was Frank W. Springstead and why was the High School named after him.

Frank was born in 1918 in Brooksville and his father was J. D. Springstead. The Springstead family was a prominent early family of the area. When Frank W. Springstead married Ann Eichelberger, they were prominent enough to have their wedding carried on the society page of The Evening Independent on Wednesday, June 22, 1938. The article is quite detailed in the dresses that were worn at the wedding.

Citizen Comments from minutes of June 7, 2016 school board meeting

1. Mario Littman came forward to ask the Board if there has been a determination in Mr. Griffith's investigation yet? Mr. Littman also spoke about Jason Chase, Supervisor of TIS that was non-reappointed. He asked what happened with yesterday's weather decision. Why did the district make a decision at 2 PM in the afternoon and not sooner?

2. Shirley Miketinac came forward to discuss FSA/SAT 10 testing and references Manatee County Superintendent.

3. Pat Miketinac came forward to discuss high stakes testing. He stated teachers are better to evaluate students.

Memorial Day Essay Contest

The Timber Pines Educators Club and the Military Veterans of Timber Pines, with the support of the Hernando County School Board, sponsored an essay contest for 7th grade students with the topic, “What Memorial Day Means to Me.” School Board Member Mark Johnson explained that the Educators Club read through the submissions and selected ten essays for final consideration, while the Military Veterans determined the winners.

Donations to the School District 6/28/16

Don Graham, representing Iron Workers Local 397, accepted an award of appreciation from Nicola Barlow, Manager of Career Enhancement for Suncoast Technical Education Center. From the early stages of the welding program, the union has partnered with the school. The union is now donating the cost of the required textbook bundle for all 2016-2017 students in the welding program, at a value of $850.

Citizen Comments from the June 28, 2016 school board meeting

Jimmy Lodato congratulated the HCSB on the balanced budget discussed by Heather Martin at the last workshop meeting on 06/07/16. He recommended working on building reserves in the upcoming years. Lodato announced plans to meet with a company from Tampa and with General Electric to begin discussing ways to update bus routes or convert the school buses to make them more efficient.

School Board Recognizes Representative Ingoglia

Dr. Lori Romano publicly thanked State Representative Blaise Ingoglia for his support of Hernando County Schools through Project StarFISH and sparsity funding of approximately $2 million. She presented Ingoglia with a certificate of appreciation.

Ingoglia stated that while he appreciated the recognition from the HCSB, he wanted to thank the teachers for all they do. Compared to the 60-day legislative session and the “hand-wrangling” and lobbying that goes on, the teachers do far more work to impact students on a daily basis all year.

School Board reinstates BBC's Othello for classroom use

At the request of Board Member Beth Naverud, the School Board revisited the objection to the BCC/Time Life version of Othello at the 06/28/16 meeting. Naverud requested to rescind her vote from 05/17/16, stating her reaction at the time was an emotional one, and she did not want to start down the path to censorship. “When we stop being able to talk about our history, we risk repeating it,” Naverud said.

Citizen Comments from minutes of June 14, 2016 school board special meeting

1. Michael Angelo Gordon came forward to speak about bullying, common core, ESE students, teacher and Superintendent raises, incident at Springstead High School, opting out and an incident at Moton Elementary School (MES).

2. Vanessa Mauk-Doane came forward to speak about her daughter and the incident that took place at MES. She thanked the witnesses that reported the physical abuse against her daughter. Ms. Mauk-Doane wants the teacher immediately terminated or removed from the supervision of children within the ESE program.

School District Budget Planning

The 2015-2016 budget report provided better figures than expected, explained Heather Martin, Executive Director of Business Services, as some items that were budgeted for were not needed. Martin explained one area which provided some relief to the budget was gas prices, which were lower than the previous school year. An annual transfer to the general fund budget of up to $5.3 million also helped, bringing an ending balance that is 2.21% more than the amount budgeted.