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Sun, 12/18/2016 - 10:40am

Explore Prophetic Art

December 18, 2016 - 10:40

Wine and painting places are popping up everywhere lately. It’s an awesome idea- It’s even how I first realized I was an artist- but now they have become a dime a dozen. Prophetic Art Unleashed in Brooksville is different. They are not your average wine and painting place. This innovative studio uses The Holy Spirit instead of alcohol to unleash the inner artist in its patrons. Owner Diana Campo says that she’s not a classically trained artist- she’s just like you and me. Despite never taking art classes she creates these masterpieces with so much depth and meaning. Every painting has multiple levels of meaning to it. My personal favorite is The Lion of Judah.

Diana Campo, artist

When you go to this awesome art studio you can either learn how to paint a replica of Diana’s work or have her guide you in unleashing the art locked inside your own heart. Prophetic Art Unleashed is not a traditional studio and has more of a coffee-house feel to it. There’s also a kids area where children can play and even draw on the chalkboard walls. Going along with the coffee house feel, Prophetic Art Unleashed has an open mic night every Thursday evening starting at 4 pm, where you can come up and sing, play an instrument, or read poetry- whatever your inner artist desires! This is a wonderful idea for church groups to get out and have some fun! Friday nights they have worship and painting from 4-6 pm. In January they will be holding a women's workshop with a prophetic message based on Proverbs 27:17. For more information or to register Call (352) 848-3454 or email propheticartunleashed@gmail.com
Prophetic Art Unleashed is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Now you can have faith and fun at the same time!