Corruption in politics does not exist

by Barry Durmaz

Just when you thought last year’s Presidential campaign had gotten as ugly as ever—think again. Only three weeks into the Trump Administration and from my perspective, the speeches, debates, and conversations in federal politics set new heights of “shock and awe.” Individual character and the maligning of such is all too often par for the course although not exclusively true.

A New Beginning

“Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…”
-Philippians 3:13 (KJV)

Sometimes as we start a brand new year, thoughts of rehashing the past creep in….

Thoughts of “woulda…coulda…shoulda”….

The good… the bad… the ugly.

But God has a different perspective about it all.

Forget about it!

With this New Year, we can start a new beginning….. a do-over…. according to God’s plans, purposes, and pursuits for our life.

Judah and the Lion: walking by faith


As a Faith writer, I decided to put my faith into practice recently and see how far it would get me. If you listen to any of the local pop or rock radio stations, you’re likely to be familiar with a group called Judah and the Lion. They’re from Nashville, Tennessee and recently played a concert in Tampa- the 97x Next Big Thing. My daughter and I absolutely love their music and I decided to believe that I would get to meet them. Originally I was hoping to simply meet them and say “hi” during the concert but as it turns out they decided to grant me an interview.

Explore Prophetic Art


Wine and painting places are popping up everywhere lately. It’s an awesome idea- It’s even how I first realized I was an artist- but now they have become a dime a dozen. Prophetic Art Unleashed in Brooksville is different. They are not your average wine and painting place. This innovative studio uses The Holy Spirit instead of alcohol to unleash the inner artist in its patrons. Owner Diana Campo says that she’s not a classically trained artist- she’s just like you and me. Despite never taking art classes she creates these masterpieces with so much depth and meaning.

Five AM Faith and Fitness

The early bird catches the worm, right? Or in this case, the early bird gets fit! Elaine Monagas, owner of New U Weight Loss Center has started an early morning fitness group for anyone who wants to get healthy. The group meets at 5 am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at her shop located in – plaza on Northcliffe Blvd and they head out on a journey to get fit together. I’ll admit, I’m not a morning person. Elaine had been inviting me to join the group for a few weeks and I kept putting it off because I couldn’t bring myself to get up and active that early.

Conquer Fear

Today’s topic is FEAR. Fear is something we all have. It’s so common that not a day goes by without it affecting our lives. Unfortunately fear has the power to paralyze us. I once heard a motivational speaker explaining FEAR as “False Expectations Appearing Real.” How true is that? Think of all the fears you have- aren’t they truly just expectations of the worst case scenarios coming to life? We create these scenarios in our minds, these things we expect to happen and most of the time they are unfounded.

New rabbi, Jewish center coming to Spring Hill


Rabbi Chaim and Seema Lipszyc with their two young children, Chana and Nissim Chai.

A rabbi and his family have moved from Brooklyn, New York to start a Jewish Center for the Hernando County community.

"I want to share our vision for the Chabad Center. To create a home for everything Jewish. Where everyone feels welcome as family," said Rabbi Chaim Lipszyc. "Regardless of background or previous experience or how one labels themselves. We see everyone as Jewish period. No labels. We welcome all to participate in celebrating the joys of Judaism," explained Lipszyc.

Operation Christmas Child

Brooksville’s First Baptist Church hosted a “Packing Party” for Operation Christmas Child on 11/19/16. What is a packing party? And what exactly is Operation Christmas Child? I’m glad you asked! Operation Christmas Child is a project by international charity Samaritan’s Purse- a Christian relief and evangelism organization headed by Franklin Graham. This project is intended to spread God’s love and hope by delivering shoeboxes filled with toys, school supplies and hygiene items to children in need overseas.

All Ye that Labor...

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
-Matt. 11:28 (KJV)

Rest and relaxation.

We all need it from time to time, whether from doing hard physical labor or from mental exertion and stress.

When you have exercised on that “treadmill of life,” God invites us to come to Him and He promises to give us His rest.

What is this “rest” that God is talking about that He wants to give us?

It is His restorative healing power of whatever we need at that moment, whether physical or mental.

The kind of rest that restores our soul and body.