"Love Hopeth all things..."

“Love hopeth all things…” (I Corinthians 13:7 KJV)

The love of God working inside us gives us hope for the future.

This hope is a “never say die” mentality that we can truly depend on... It is a true hope to not give up and to not quit.

Even though at times when the road we are traveling on is less followed, and it looks rather dim, God is at the end of that road, shining his flashlight, to give us a sense of hope to keep going and to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

When The Winds Blow

Photography by Michael Mol, Flickr

Living on the central west coast of Florida we have been extremely fortunate when it comes to hurricanes and tropical storms. It seems that in our little niche, we live in a moderately protected area. I’ve heard it said around town this week that “we are due” for a large storm soon. At most, we have received some wind and a little more rain than is normal for us during late spring and summer months.

Celebrating the 65th Annual National Day of Prayer

Pastor Hal Hester of Vineyard Christian Church delivers a prayer for the Mayor of Brooksville.

On May 5th, 2016 religious dignitaries and community leaders gathered at Brooksville Commons to pray for our nation. Stephanie Sager sang an opening hymn. Local church leaders delivered prayers for the President, Governor of Florida, Mayor of Brooksville, Congress, Supreme Court, Presidential elections, local officials, community/church relations, military, schools, children, culture, colleges, terrorism, law enforcement/fire rescue, economy, churches as well as the spiritual condition of our country.

Two Weddings and a Fire

Sixty-eight years ago Charles Looper and Leona Brannon were married at Lake Lindsey United Methodist Church. When the couple met, Charles Looper had recently returned from WWII, where he was captured by the Germans in December of 1945. He spent several months in a POW camp in Moosburg called Stalag 7A until he was freed on April 28th, 1945. On that day, the German Compound was taken over by American Troops where he and thousands of other allied soldiers had been kept as POWs.

Listening to God

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by Pastor Hal Hester, Vineyard Christian Church

I once heard someone say that the greatest measure of your relationship with God wasn't what you did, or how much you gave, but whether you listened to God, and then did what you knew God wanted you to do. I am a doer. I love my quiet times with God but I am a getter' done kind of guy. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that I am much more effective when I begin with prayer and seek God's guidance for my doing. Moreover, I find that my prayers for direction seem much more clear if I have regularly spent time with God that was not driven by my own agenda.

Small Things Done with Great Love


by Pastor Hal Hester, Vineyard Christian Church

Little things done with great love will change the world. It is a concept borrowed from the life of Mother Teresa; the idea that the little things we do are what make a real impact rather than the big things we do on occasion. It is the idea that the real heroes of our lives are not just those who in moments of bravery act selflessly, but those who act selflessly day-by-day.

Hanukkah Begins

Hanukkah begins

Tonight Jews around the world will light their menorahs (candelabrums) in celebration of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. Jewish oil supplies were depleted after the Maccabees and Chasidim (forerunners of the Pharisees) joined forces to lead the Jews into victory over the Greeks and King Antiochus IV reclaiming the Holy Temple. It is said that the oil supplies were defiled by the Greeks. There was only enough oil to light the menorah in the temple for 1 night, but it lasted for 8 nights, allowing enough time to get more oil.

Remember and Observe


By Pastor Hal Hester, Vineyard Christian Church

As we rush toward the holidays, I am reminded that the essence of holiday is holy days: time and seasons that we set apart from the rest of the calendar to observe and remember. These two elements are key to making these days holy. I often hear people lament the loss of Christmas to commercialism, but I don’t share that concern because I know that my faith and my choices are not controlled by outside forces. My personal experience of these holy days are set and controlled by me.

The Spirit of Christmas

by Pastor Hal Hester

When it comes to holy day celebrations I love the Old Testament feasts and my family and I have taken time to celebrate them and to teach our children, but Christmas is a time when our whole society stops to celebrate. So we do, too. I love Christmas. Over the years numerous people have asked me about the validity of celebrating Christmas, to which I respond that God can redeem anything, and without Jesus’ coming as a child we would not have had his life example, his sacrificial death, and his resurrection. So I think Christmas has merit.