Pick Blackberries While the Pickin's Good

Hernando Sun Staff

April 18th was the start of blackberry season for Todd Fickes at the Ol’ Tyme Blackberry Patch. He planted multiple varieties with differing ripening times to make for a longer picking season. His latest maturing blackberry will be available for picking until at least the end of June. Mr. Fickes says that this last variety may have fruit into July, but it’s hard to tell. He plants traditional thorned varieties, hence the name “Ol’ Tyme.” The thorned plants make his job in maintaining the plants more difficult, but doesn’t necessarily make it harder to pick.

The Real Scoop on Fertilizer

Spring is in the air, and many of us want to give our lawns a boost by applying fertilizer. Florida-Friendly Landscaping principle number #3 is “Fertilize Appropriately.”

Let’s discuss how one can accomplish the task of fertilizing appropriately. I must warn you – there will be math! I know, that thought makes me pause as well. Math and I are not friends, but this math is fairly simple, once you’ve got it figured out.

Chicks for Spring

by Hernando Sun Staff

If you are thinking about getting poultry now that the weather is warming up, check out the supply at Rural King. Asssistant Store Manager Chad Birkman is working hard to expand their poultry supply. Currently they have the following varieties available:
Rhode Island Red
Barred Rock
*Golden Sex Links
*Silver/Gold Wyandottes
Well Summer
*Black Jersey Giants
*White/Dark Leghorns
*Black Sex Links
*Cornish Rock
*Sicilian Buttercups
*Egyptian Fayoumi