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USF Going Up in Rankings

The University of South Florida’s football team has seen some tremendous growth this season.

After starting the season ranked 19th in the country, they fell to 22nd earlier this season. That was due to a mixture of bad luck and shaky performances in their first few games. Earlier this season, the Bulls trailed at the half to both San José State and Stony Brook University. Yes the team would respond in the second half to win both games, but with the team’s expectations so high this season it meant slow starts like those would cause problems for them in the rankings.



Hammock Ridge developer requests brownfield designation

At the September 19, 2017, Board of County Commissioners meeting, a request from Goldstein Environmental Law Firm was presented. This request was on behalf of HTG Hammock Ridge, LLC, requesting for the property at 8274 Omaha Circle, Spring Hill be designated as a Green Reuse Area under Florida’s Brownfield Redevelopment Act. Florida Statute 376.80(2)(c).


USGS evaluates Withlacoochee high water marks

USGS Hydrologist Andy Knaak hammers a nail into a post to mark the seed line on flooded Cyril Drive in Ridge Manor.

Eight USGS field crews traveled around the Jacksonville, Tampa and Fort Myers areas last week looking for evidence that tell scientists how high the flood waters and storm surge from Hurricane Irma reached. A crew was able to make it to Hernando County to evaluate the Withlacoochee River. Andy Knaak, USGS hydrologist worked his way down river from Trilby, stopping in Ridge Manor at Cyril Drive and Highway 50. (The Withlacoochee runs north.) On that day, the river had already receded a couple feet from the high water mark.


Excerpts of Minutes from the Sept. 19, 2017 Regular School Board Meeting

The Regular Meeting of the School Board was called to order on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 6:09 P.M., in the School Board Room, 919 N. Broad Street, Brooksville, FL 34601, with Mrs. Beth Narverud, Chairperson, presiding, Mr. Mark Johnson, Vice Chairperson, and members, Ms. Susan Duval, Mr. Gus Guadagnino and Mrs. Linda Prescott, present. Also present were, Dr. Lori Romano, Superintendent; Mrs. Heather Martin, Deputy Superintendent; Mrs. Nancy Alfonso, Board Attorney.