Principal Frana paints rosy picture of Moton Elementary

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Sat, 02/11/2017 - 10:33am

Principal Frana paints rosy picture of Moton Elementary

February 11, 2017 - 10:33

Robert Stein, Special to Hernando Sun

After months of finger pointing and name calling adults concerned about the future of Moton elementary school may have reason to believe that at least the shoving of people under the bus maybe at an end. Bus drivers should be very relieved. The school year got off to a very rocky start with the resignation of the newly hired principal 3 weeks into the start of the school year. The school board superintendent Romano promised to find an“exceptional leader who is deeply committed to the children and staff at MES and one who will support them as they work to achieve success.” She stated Moton deserves a leader who desires to be part of an exceptional team committed to do all that needs to be done to make their school great.” The search ended with the appointment of Joe Frana to the leadership of troubled Moton. Mr Frana is a veteran school administrator from Lake county.

At the Jan 24 meeting of the school board workshop MES was the first item on the agenda and Principal Frana updated the board on his schools progress. Mr Fana addressed a number of troubling “misconceptions at Moton.” Included in his list of misconceptions was “no district support,” “no parent involvement,” and “no resources.”

Principal Frana addressed the concern about no support stating, “The district people are coming and they are working side by side with my teachers, they are in on our collaborative planning, they are modeling lessons in classrooms they are giving feedback to teachers there, rolling up their sleeves and working with us… It is true support.” He continued, “I believe that the district is absolutely supporting Moton.”

In terms of parental involvement he described that almost 400 attendees were at the Holiday around the world event and 200 who attended the Honor roll pancake breakfast.

In addressing concerns about lack of resources, he pointed out “we have a number of teacher directed assistants, we have paraprofessionals, we have a full time behavior specialist, we have 2 coaches, I feel like we have what we need.”

Frana’s update continued with a commitment to teacher and student understanding of Florida standards, staff recognition for their hard work, the sharing of best practices and clear and consistent communication. He also a spoke about improving staff retention and 17 new hires at Moton.

Principal Frana wrapped up his update with student proficiency assessments showing that all grades were showing improvement in I-ready reading and math scores, with some math scores showing marked improvement. Weather Forecast: A new dawn with greater magenta highlights?