Rocco Maglio's Bio

Rocco Maglio is a former Town Commissioner and Mayor, so he has an insiders prospective on politics. During his time in politics he was bothered by the amount of false information. He seeks to help the public better understand what is going on.

Rocco grew up in Brooksville and is a graduate of Hernando High School as well as PHSC. He attended New College of Florida earning a BA in Natural Sciences.

Rocco Maglio currently works as a software architect for Newscycle Solutions, a leading solution provider for media companies. He has worked on providing web site solutions for CBC, NYDN, CTV News, and Conde Nast among others.

In 1994, he first saw the Internet and its tremendous potential. He spent a decade working for Dotcoms. During that time Rocco was one of the principle authors of dotCMS a popular open source high end content management system.

He then went to work for a government contractor in Cocoa Beach, FL. He spent seven years working closely with scientists to improve the capabilities of defense software. Rocco lead the development of a new technique for detecting certain events.

In his free time he ran for town commissioner of Melbourne Beach, FL. He served as a commissioner and then Vice Mayor and finally as Mayor.

He moved back to Hernando County, so his children could attend Wider Horizons School. Rocco noticed that Hernando did not have a strong technology presence, so he founded a Technology Committee in concert with the Hernando Chamber of Commerce.