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Dickies Barbeque Pit Opens in Brooksville


by Hernando Sun Staff

Dickies opened its doors on Thursday at its Brooksville location, 19348 Cortez Blvd in the Brooksville Square Plaza next door to Publix. Dickies is a barbeque franchise from Dallas Texas, established in 1941. The proprietors of the new location are David Ambrose and Steven Phillips, friends as well as business partners who met in Brooksville over ten years ago. Ambrose, entrepreneur, and Phillips with restaurant experience teamed up when they saw a need for southern style barbeque in Brooksville.

Canoeing the Chaz


“Chaz” is short for Chassahowitzka meaning “hanging pumpkins.” Along the banks of the river, hanging pumpkins once grew prolifically. The pumpkins are also called Seminole Pumpkins. They are a vine and are able to grow up trees so the pumpkins themselves appear to hang from tree branches. The pumpkins are quite delicious and easy to grow. Gardeners beware that they will quickly overtake the area in which they are planted.


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