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Rocco Maglio is a former Town Commissioner and Mayor of Melbourne Beach, FL. He grew up in Brooksville and is a graduate of Hernando High School as well as PHSC. He current works as a software architect with a strong interest in computer security.

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Is using public WiFi dangerous?

Rocco Maglio is a Certified Internet Security Systems Professional (CISSP). He has over 20 years of experience in software engineering.

It is often said that using public wifi is dangerous. There have been numerous warnings about using coffee shop WIFI, airport WIFI, or other freely available WIFIs. At the Olympics in Rio there were many reports of bogus WIFI networks popping up around the city.

Results of 2016 Primary Election - County and State

There were three outright winners in the primary election: Blaise Ingoglia, Kristie Ruppe, and Linda K. Prescott. To win without a run off the nonpartisan candidates had to receive more than 50% of the vote.

Kristie Ruppe was solidly elected to County Judge. She earned 68.10% of the vote in her race against incumbent Donald M. "Sonny" McCathran Jr.

Linda K. Prescott also had a very strong win, earning the School Board District 2 seat with 59.25% of the votes. She was facing two other candidates Steven Van Gorden and Mario Littman.

Tracking Hackers: an inexact science

Recently, there have been claims that the people who hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have been traced back to Russia. Tracing hackers after the fact is usually an inexact science.

Typically, people who are attacking a system, go through a number of intermediate machines. The logs and tracking information on these machines are then wiped, leaving an approximation as to which incoming connection accessed which outgoing connection.

Family experiences joy of home ownership and hard work

The Thomas Family, photo submitted

Kim and John Thomas, along with their children Christiana, Michael, Tyran, Johnny Jr., and Xavier are very excited about their new home. Kim Thomas "never thought that she would be a homeowner." She really enjoyed working on her own house. Her family put in 250 hours working on houses for others as well even before their house was started. Kim says that they worked on everything from the foundation up. It was interesting for her family to see all the work that goes into building a home and the ability to build and fix things will serve them well as home owners.

Tech Talk: The Web's early milestones

Rocco Maglio is a software engineer with over 23 years of experience. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

First website

The Web just turned 25 years old. The first website was created at CERN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland by British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee on Aug. 6, 1991. The original site Berners-Lee created is still available at Berners-Lee is not only credited with creating the first website, but also the first web browser and web server.


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