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Rocco Maglio is a former Town Commissioner and Mayor of Melbourne Beach, FL. He grew up in Brooksville and is a graduate of Hernando High School as well as PHSC. He current works as a software architect with a strong interest in computer security.

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Bigun's BarBQ: Down Home Food

November 19, 2016 - 19:03
Bigun's BarBQ

Bigun’s BBQ is located in one of the long narrow buildings in front of the powerlines on Sunshine Grove Road near the intersection with State Road 50. The restaurant is easily noticeable from the street and it has a large smiling pig’s head on the side of the building.

There are a number of individuals who will only eat at BBQ places with a pig on the building so this fits the bill.

Tech Talk: Hernando Broadband to compete with Brighthouse, AT&T

November 13, 2016 - 14:54

Rocco Maglio, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISSP, has over 20 years in the field of software engineering.

There is a new Internet provider in the county: Hernando Broadband. They are competing with Brighthouse and AT&T's DSL. They are using a technology called fixed wireless broadband.

Rocco Maglio, CISSP

Most Valuable Goat (MVG) of the World Series

November 09, 2016 - 20:43

Mike Walker is currently the director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Brooksville. He pitched professionally for 14 years playing for both the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians who met in this year's World Series. Even though he pitched for both teams, he is a Chicago Cubs fan at heart. Mike was born in Chicago and is a lifelong Cubs fan, so he set about to reverse the curse of the Billy Goat.

Superstitions are a part of baseball. A player may not wash his clothes when he is playing well. Fans may have the same game day routine to try to keep their team winning.


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