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Rocco Maglio is a former Town Commissioner and Mayor of Melbourne Beach, FL. He grew up in Brooksville and is a graduate of Hernando High School as well as PHSC. He current works as a software architect with a strong interest in computer security.

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Coffee with a candidate: Daniel Webster

We sat down to talk with Daniel Webster recently at a local coffee shop. Daniel Webster currently represents Florida's 10th district in the United States House of Representatives. The district lines keep getting redrawn due to lawsuits related to the voter passed constitutional amendment that required districts to follow natural boundaries. This has led to lawsuits and constantly changing districts. Due to the district changing, Mr. Webster who owns a house in the 11th District, decided to run in this district. It contains a small portion of his existing district.

US taxes paid since 1960

The 25th anniversary of the first web page led to a discussion of tax revenue. It was a question of whether or not the DotCom companies had led to a significant increase in tax revenue. We looked at tax revenue from 1960 to now. There are two peaks in the data one ending in 2000, the so called dotcom bubble and another in 2008, which was the end of the housing bubble. You can see the recessions and booms in the tax revenue data.

Good Book: Revealing Tampa's Criminal Underbelly: The Last Lonely Eagle

Review by Rocco Maglio

On a recent visit to the Deep South Family Barbecue the book "The Last Lonely Eagle - the untold inside story of the 1975 Dick Cloud murder case" was on the counter. It was there because the brother of owner Clay Greer is Florida Highway Patrol officer Al Greer who had the major break in the case. Al pulled over a van for an expired tag. He then found that the driver Edward Bruns had outstanding traffic warrants and arrested him. Edward told Al Greer that he knew who killed McCloud. The killer had confessed to Edward while he was drunk.

Florida Unfriendly Plant of the Week: Manchineel Tree

The Manchineel Tree is native to Florida and can be found on sandy beaches and brackish marshes among mangroves. It has a fruit that resembles an apple. The tree can grow to around 50ft tall and is listed as endangered in Florida.

The Manchineel Tree is also very poisonous. According to Nicola H Strickland who ate a Manchineel apple without knowing the danger on the caribbean island of Tobago. She wrote about her experience.

Becky Jack’s Food Shack

Photography by Rocco Maglio

Becky Jack’s Food Shack is a restaurant that is often mentioned by locals as a place you must try. It is on Cortez Boulevard past Weeki Wachee Springs State Park on the way to Bayport.

The restaurant is on the south side of the road and is easily spotted because of their brightly colored sign and pink and yellow car with a surfboard on top and Becky Jack’s painted on the side.

Feel free to sing "Happy Birthday to You"

Rocco Maglio, CISSP

Have you ever wondered why at restaurants they sing birthday songs like “Happy Happy Birthday” rather than “Happy Birthday to You?” The reason is that Warner/Chappell Music claimed to have a copyright on the “Happy Birthday to You” song and you had to have their authorization to sing the song publicly. It is estimated that “Happy Birthday to You” earned 50 million dollars in royalties, making it the highest earning song ever.

Gennaro's Pizza and Restaurant

Chicken Caccitore, Gennaro's

Gennaro’s Pizza and Restaurant is located in the Heather’s shopping plaza. Recently an acquaintance raved about how wonderful their Chicken Cacciatore was, so we had to check it out.

Genarro’s has been at their current location for seven years. They originally opened in 1990 in Palm Harbor.

The owners, Joe and Cathy Guardascione are very friendly and make it a point to greet and talk with their customers. The waitress told us that many of their customers are regulars and veal dishes are very popular there.

Who was F.W. Springstead?

F.W. Springstead High School

Frank W. Springstead High School has served Hernando County since 1975. This leads to the question of who was Frank W. Springstead and why was the High School named after him.

Frank was born in 1918 in Brooksville and his father was J. D. Springstead. The Springstead family was a prominent early family of the area. When Frank W. Springstead married Ann Eichelberger, they were prominent enough to have their wedding carried on the society page of The Evening Independent on Wednesday, June 22, 1938. The article is quite detailed in the dresses that were worn at the wedding.


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