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Time capsule unearthed at Explorer K-8

Teacher Rebecca Honey-Baroudi, front, and inaugural year kindergarten students, now in eighth grade go through the contents of the time capsule they buried eight years ago.

On Friday, March 24 the inaugural class of kindergarteners who are now in eighth grade, unearthed a time capsule that they had buried in 2009. Fifty-three of the original class of 187 students who started school when Explorer K-8 opened are still attending the school.

Their current classmates and teachers; eleven of the original kindergarten teachers who are still teaching at the school; Stacy Tarbox, yearbook supervisor who worked with the students on the project; and Chris Healy, Assistant Principal joined these first “explorers” at the ceremony.

Artist's sculptural ingenuity brings in business

Above: Mrs. Grout car by Scott Freeland; Below: Praying Mantis by Scott Freeland

Oftentimes when individuals think of a sculpture, they picture things like the classical Roman or Renaissance figures, hewn in great detail from massive blocks of marble. While these works are beautiful in their own right, stunning work is being completed by many modern day artists, like Scott Freeland. His subjects take their form, not through cut and polished stone, but rather foam and many other contemporary materials.

To age is a blessing

Marcy Schwabenbauer

You wouldn’t think looking at the trim, smartly dressed 92 year old woman that she was raised on a farm during the Depression and routinely transformed roosters into capons. For those of you who don’t know what a “capon” is, just “Google” it.

Marcy Schwabenbauer gave a talk to a group of senior citizens at the Bayfront Enrichment Center in Spring Hill on Tuesday, March 7. The name of her talk was “Be still and know that I am God” and the theme was “I’m not done yet.”

How to respond to an active shooter situation

No one expects to be at the scene of a Pulse Night Club incident, but unfortunately these “active shooter” incidents seem to be happening more frequently.

On March 14, the Hernando County Sheriff’s office held a seminar for citizens detailing what to do if you find yourself in the midst of any type of mass assault. These don’t always involve firearms. It could be a bomb, a box truck or even a fire. They can occur in a mall, workplace, or an open public area.

Noted author relates story of parents' survival during World War II

Roslyn Franken attributes her parents' survival to "bashert," the yiddish word meaning destiny. Franken says, "It was meant to be."

Members of Spring Hill Central Rotary with author Roslyn Franken.  From left to right: Mike Fitzgerald, Roslyn Franken, Sandra Fitzgerald, Doug Brainard, Stephanie Chambers.

Vicktor Frankl, in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, said “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”

Roslyn Franken’s parents, John and Sonja, were stellar examples of this philosophy. Ms. Franken relates their amazing story of survival through the Nazi Holocaust and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in her book Meant to Be: A True Story of Might , Miracles and Triumph of the Human Spirit.

Vincent House expanding to Hernando County

Before seeking help from Vincent House, said Justin Shea, “I left a six month indentation on my parents’ couch… I wouldn’t go outside…” He explained that in high school he was energetic and outgoing, but then he was diagnosed with a mental illness. “And all that was taken away from me,” he said.

Shea compares recovering from mental illness to recovering from a stroke.

Congressman Daniel Webster presents US flag to Alzheimer's Family Organization

Congressman Webster presents flag to Alzheimer's Family Organization. From left to right: John Brinker, Community Educator; Kathleen Winters, Executive Director; Matthew Barry, Board of Directors President; Congressman Daniel Webster.

On February 22, Congressman Daniel Webster presented a U.S. flag to the Alzheimer’s Family Organization. The ceremony took place at their office in Spring Hill.

Webster, the Republican representative from District 11, made the presentation in memory of his late mother who had suffered from Alzheimer’s. His mother was in a facility first, but then he decided to bring her home so he could care for her himself.

The Flight of a Lifetime

Collings Foundation B-17, photo by Sarah Nachin

Imagine yourself as a twenty-nine year old in 1944, getting ready to be shipped overseas to be part of a B-17 crew. You’ve finished training as a ball turret gunner (one of the most dangerous jobs on the plane) convinced that you are a “coward” but knowing it’s too late to change your mind. You stop at home for a two week leave , maybe the last time you’ll ever see your family, sure that you are “headed for an eventual death in aerial combat.” You stop and visit a friend who’s married and has a son.


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