Safe Routes to School and Quality Drive Sidewalks

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Thu, 01/26/2017 - 3:53pm

Safe Routes to School and Quality Drive Sidewalks

January 26, 2017 - 15:53

Local Agency Program (LAP) agreements were approved between the Florida DOT and Hernando County to pay for updated sidewalks under the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. Under the agreement, Assistant County Administrator Brian Malmberg stated the DOT will reimburse the County for costs of the design, up to the maximum amount approved for each of the two projects.

Explorer K-8 will have 3.03 miles of a five-foot wide sidewalk built on the northern side of Northcliffe Boulevard. Streets marked for the sidewalks include portions of Elwood Road, Lamson Road, Timbercrest Road, and Landover Boulevard. The design portion of this project is expected to cost up to $103,407.00.

JD Floyd Elementary will have 1.56 miles of sidewalk built. The streets included in this LAP are Coronado Drive, Whitewood Avenue, and Aldoro Avenue. Malmberg stated the maximum reimbursement for this project would be $68,702.00

As a footnote to the school sidewalks, Chairman Wayne Dukes asked Malmberg for an update on the sidewalk situation at Quality Drive. Malmberg reminded the commissioners that Cemex offered to supply concrete for some of the sidewalk, which presented a cost savings for the County. The project was designed and put out for bid, expecting a bid well below the $50,000 they proposed.

The estimate to realistically complete the project was more than $80,000, causing the County to re-evaluate the scope of the project. Malmberg stated that some portions can be done “in-house”, and the rest of the project has been put out for bid. DOT also agreed to advance the remainder of the sidewalk to this calendar year. Malmberg anticipates the larger project will be put out for bid during 2017.