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Construction to Begin on Quality Drive Sidewalks

The subject of building sidewalks on Quality Drive has been in discussion for quite some time. In February 2016, Congressman Richard Nugent attended a meeting, and asked the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to expedite construction of the sidewalks. At the time, Assistant County Administrator Brian Malmberg explained that the delay was a budget issue.

Critique of the Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan Part 3: Chapter 10 Conservation

What is there to criticize about conservation? Most of us care about the land, wildlife, the earth. When does caring become extreme environmentalism? What boundary is crossed to trigger our use of that label? It is when environmental restrictions result in the taking or partial taking of a person’s private property.

The most important concept to keep in mind as we review this chapter, is that of personal property rights. We’ve become too accepting of government by force instead of government by consent, piled under decades of rules, regulations, ordinances, laws and taxes to fund them. We’ve lost sight of the purpose and scope of government.

Funding for artificial reef construction approved

Hernando County map of artificial reef locations

It’s been almost five years since Steve Barton, Port Authority, put in the initial request for permits that would allow Hernando County to place an artificial reef system in their shallow waters. The request came after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill devastated coastal communities lining the Gulf of Mexico and is an attempt to undo the damage that was caused.

Powell Middle School Choir receives SUPERIOR ratings

The Powell Middle School Choir received the highest ratings of SUPERIOR from all four adjudicators at their annual music performance assessment on March 3 in Ocala. The evaluations are sponsored by the Florida Vocal Association, the organization that oversees the choral programs in Florida’s middle and high schools. This is the 12th consecutive year that the Powell Choir, under the direction of David Pletincks, has been rated as SUPERIOR. The combined Powell Choirs have performed this year at Christmas in Spring Hill, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens Christmas Town.

Critique of the Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan Part 2: Property Rights

by PAT AND SHIRLEY MIKETINAC, Special to The Hernando Sun

While ecological linkages, wildlife corridors, open space and buffers are mentioned almost one hundred times in Chapter One, the precious words of our private property rights were almost completely edited out.

Comprehensive plans are all about projecting the future land use of any community. To best respect private property rights, they should contain flexible guidelines, not mandates such as are contained in the Draft 2040 plan.

John Mitten appointed to Hernando County BOCC


On March 10th, local business leader John Mitten was appointed by Governor Rick Scott to temporarily fill the seat of Hernando County Board of County Commissioner Jeff Holcomb. Holcomb was deployed to an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia last year by the United States Navy Reserve. Originally it was estimated that Holcomb would serve overseas for 6 to 12 months. His last meeting prior to deployment was May 10, 2016.

Millings provide improvement over lime rock roads

Anyone who has spent time on a limestone road knows the drawbacks of that particular road surface. When it is dry the dust from a limestone road covers cars and trees on the sides of the road. If you are outside as a car drives by it can be difficult to breath because of the dust. If it is rainy the road develops lots of pits as softer areas of limestone turn into potholes.


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