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Emergency Management to revert back to the purview of the BOCC


On Jan. 1, 2009, the county entered into an interlocal agreement with the Sheriff’s Office which put the responsibility of Emergency Management under the Sheriff’s purview. Prior to this, the county commission was responsible for emergency management. Commissioners voted 3-1 to give the Sheriff’s Office 90 days written notice to terminate the Interlocal Agreement, which would place the responsibility of Emergency Management back under the BOCC.

Hernando Sun celebrates 2 years of printing

Hernando Sun Shine kids at the printing press. The Citrus Chronicle prints the newspaper each week.

The Hernando Sun's first printed newspaper was produced two years ago on March 1st. Our first issue was an eight page broadsheet. It came out once a month. At the time it was a challenge to finish that every month and send it out and deliver to stores. We spent a lot of time getting into stores and talking to managers to get into the stores. The first issue was free and every issue since then has cost 75 cents. On April 1st, last year we increased our printing frequency to weekly.

Vincent House expanding to Hernando County

Before seeking help from Vincent House, said Justin Shea, “I left a six month indentation on my parents’ couch… I wouldn’t go outside…” He explained that in high school he was energetic and outgoing, but then he was diagnosed with a mental illness. “And all that was taken away from me,” he said.

Shea compares recovering from mental illness to recovering from a stroke.

Field at Tom Varn Stadium dedicated to Coach Ernie Chatman


The Chatman Family gathers around the Ernie Chatman Field monument at the dedication ceremony on Feb. 21st.

The City of Brooksville dedicated Ernie Chatman Field at Tom Varn Stadium on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. The Chatmans, Varns, and many local leaders were on hand for the dedication. The monument placed at Ernie Chatman field reads,

“Coach Chatman was strategic, but bold; tough, but kind-hearted; stoic, but nurturing; and humble, but proud...a one-of-a-kind coach.”

Congressman Daniel Webster presents US flag to Alzheimer's Family Organization

Congressman Webster presents flag to Alzheimer's Family Organization. From left to right: John Brinker, Community Educator; Kathleen Winters, Executive Director; Matthew Barry, Board of Directors President; Congressman Daniel Webster.

On February 22, Congressman Daniel Webster presented a U.S. flag to the Alzheimer’s Family Organization. The ceremony took place at their office in Spring Hill.

Webster, the Republican representative from District 11, made the presentation in memory of his late mother who had suffered from Alzheimer’s. His mother was in a facility first, but then he decided to bring her home so he could care for her himself.

Human Trafficking- Modern Day Slavery

Slavery was abolished in the U.S. in 1865 when the 13th amendment was ratified and adopted into our constitution. The 13th amendment states “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude… shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” So that means slavery no longer happens in our country, right? I mean have you ever actually met a slave in your lifetime? Or a slave-owner for that matter?



Hernando County Future Land Use Map

In reading and reviewing the Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan for Hernando County, we would recommend major changes in language, format and content.

In comparison to neighboring counties, as well as communities across this country, this plan presents itself as a legislative document, which tends to inhibit business and economic growth, one of the areas it claims to encourage.

Teamwork leads to unusual drug bust

photography by Beth Anslow

200lbs of Marijuana seized from airplane

Some fast acting and lots of cooperation between local and federal agents led to the seizure of 197 pounds of marijuana in Brooksville late Monday night. Around 10:30 pm, The Department of Homeland Security Investigations Department alerted our Hernando County Sheriff’s Office of a suspicious aircraft entering the airspace over our county. By 10:45 pm, a sheriff’s deputy searching Brooksville-Tampa Bay regional airport spotted the 1979 Beech Baron Twin engine plane pulling into a hangar and the door shutting. Backup arrived shortly thereafter. Homeland Security showed up as well.

Spring Hill native receives Phil Royal Scholarship

Cristian Miller accepts the $4000 Key Center Phil Royal Scholarship on Feb. 22, 2017. Photo submitted.

Nature Coast Tech Alum and Spring Hill native, Cristian Miller, 20, was bestowed a high honor on February 22. He was the recipient of the first Key Center Phil Royal Law Enforcement Academy Community Service Scholarship to Withlacoochee Technical College. The Key Center serves individuals with developmental disabilities and Phil Royal served on the Board of Directors for 19 years.

County contract with Hernando Beach Volunteer Fire Department terminated

On February 14th, Hernando County Board of County Commissioners agreed to terminate their agreement with Hernando Beach Volunteer Fire Department that had started on June 10th 2014. The termination came after substantial amounts of evidence of mismanagement surfaced. Given Hernando Beach’s location, relative to all of Hernando County, it proved difficult early on to provide services like fire and police to that area; and as a result, a volunteer fire department was created.


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