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Arrests: Dec. 13- 18, 2016


Gentile, Jeanine M
Born 1970
Arrested 12/13/16
Charges: Domestic battery, 1 ct
Jeanine was involved in a verbal altercation with her husband at their home on Hoover St. Her husband was taking photos of her with her phone while she was upset. Jeanine grabbed the phone out of her husband’s hand, scratching him on the cheek. Jeanine admitted to grabbing the phone from her husband’s hand but said that if she scratched him on the cheek, she was not aware of it and it would have been unintentional. She was arrested and brought to the Hernando County Jail

Notes from the Informal School Board Meeting Dec.13, 2016


The informal school board meeting on 12/13/16 discussion ranged from the outcome of the recent Small District Consortium, Collier County School District’s use of social media and general ways of getting parents involved in their child’s education.

School Board Chair Beth Naverud began the discussion with stating, “We’ve talked about a lot of things but we’ve never moved them forward. I’m hoping that we can use these meetings to talk them through and hopefully get things going.”

School bus GPS reinstalled without Board approval

The Hernando County School Board has a contract for GPS monitoring of the buses with a company called Synovia Solutions GPS. In the summer, the School board voted to remove all the GPS equipment from the buses and return it to Synovia.

Synovia is claiming that the issues with the software was caused by the School District’s implementation of the software. The fault of each party would have to be hashed out in the litigation if it came to that.

Drug dealer Walter "Disney" Gabrielsen arrested in Spring Hill


Walter "Disney" Gabrielsen

The residence of Walter "Disney" Gabrielsen, 44, at 11718 Linden Drive in Spring Hill was searched by S.W.A.T and HCSO investigators on December 14, revealing evidence consistent with narcotics sales. A search warrant was obtained after a lengthy undercover operation, where operatives were able to purchase methamphetamine from Gabrielsen.

Gabrielson was arrested for:
* Sale and Possession of Methamphetamine Within 1000 Feet of a Church
* Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
* Possession of a Structure to Sell Methamphetamine

Hernando Beach Volunteer Fire Department in limbo


Hernando Beach Volunteer Fire Dept

A “termination for convenience” of the agreement between the county and the Hernando Beach Volunteer Fire Department (HBVFD) was on the agenda for the December 6, 2016 meeting. This is important, since a Volunteer Fire Department is generally cheaper for the taxpayers of the area served, so if the county ends the agreement it could result in increased taxes for that area.

Dangerous dog procedure changes


This dog is probably not very dangerous.

This county amendment changes the venue from the county court to circuit court for the dangerous dog determination and is considered a "housekeeping item" since the changes are needed to come into compliance with the newly amended state law.

Previously, the owner of a potentially dangerous dog had the opportunity to appeal the written dangerous dog order through filing a 'request for hearing' in county court within 10 days of the date of the written order.

Sidewalks to somewhere

Safe roads to school sidewalk projects underway for Spring Hill and Deltona Elementary Schools

Assistant County Administrator Brian Malmberg discussed new sidewalk projects before the BOCC on 12/06/16. The Local Agency Program (LAP) agreement works in conjunction with the Department of Transportation(DOT) and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

Under the Safe Routes to Schools Sidewalk Project, Malmberg said the process takes several years from the ranking of the project in order of importance (or safety), then funding the design, and then the project can begin. Malmberg explained that the steps involved: design, permit, and build, each in successive years.


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