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Legally Speaking: Workers comp rate increase concerns businesses

Matthew Dolman is an attorney for the Dolman Law Group

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) recently approved a statewide workers’ compensation rate increase of 14.5 percent that took effect at the end of 2016. This means that the rates insurance companies charge businesses to insure them against employee injuries will go up, overall.

Careful what you share on social media


Everyone uses social media these days. Well, almost everybody. The Pew Research Center reports that as of 2015, 65% of adults use some form of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.That number is surely rising.

So, what could Twitter possibly have to do with a personal injury claim? More than you think. Everyone knows that evidence is essential to any trial, for both sides, and no place provides more of it than social media.

When’s it time to give up the keys?

Matthew Dolman

We often hear stories and handle cases of people who were cut off or rear ended by elderly drivers. Sometimes it leads to injuries, sometimes it doesn’t. But it can be a risk for both parties involved.

Elderly driving is a sensitive subject; we understand that completely. People who have lived a long life, fought in international wars, raised an entire generation, and took care of us younger people our whole lives deserve respect. They deserve independence and freedom. After all, if you flew a jet in Vietnam or ran your own business for 50 years, you can probably operate a car.

Legally Speaking: Serving alcohol at house parties

Matthew Dolman is a civil trial lawyer and managing partner of the Dolman Law Group, with offices in Clearwater, New Port Richey and St. Petersburg.

Parties are often used to mark joyous occasions. Graduations, promotions, weddings, anniversaries, the big game, or just the reunion of friends and family are all times when people come together to celebrate life.

Too Much or Too Little? Starbucks Facing Lawsuits on amount of product in cups

Matthew Dolman is a civil trial lawyer and managing partner of the Dolman Law Group, with offices in Clearwater, New Port Richey and St. Petersburg.

The corporate coffee giant, Starbucks, is facing a series of lawsuits from both sides: one claiming they put too much ice in their cups, the other claiming they put too little latte. Both suits agree, however, that they are misleading consumers about the quantity of product paying customers are receiving.

Liability: car rental accidents

An estimated 100 million tourists and vacationers will visit Florida this year, and a large portion of them will rent a car to get around town. In fact, Orlando International Airport is the largest car rental hub in the entire world. Inherent with this large amount of rental car drivers is rental car accidents. Unlike auto accidents involving drivers of personal vehicles, the law becomes more complex when rental cars are involved.

Legally Speaking: If you’ve been bitten by a neighbor’s dog...

Dogs are often considered to be members of the family. They are lovable and can be loyal to a fault, but they can also be unpredictable. Even the friendliest dog can bite a human being if it is provoked, frightened, or suffering from a neurological condition. These bites might come as a shock, but can also lead to serious injuries for the human victim. Sometimes, the resulting injuries are permanent.

When a dog bites a person, the victim’s first question is often who is liable for the bite.

Homeowner’s Insurance Explained

Last year, South Carolina suffered from the flooding that Hurricane Joaquin had left. As the storm barreled through the state, it left about 40,000 people without water.

Dams were busted and homes were submerged and ruined, especially in and around the state capital. A spokeswoman for the Department of Public Safety, Sherri Iacobelli, said that the storm at the time had killed 11 people in the state.

Who’s liable for bicycle accidents caused by road hazards?

According to the 2012 National Survey on Bicyclist and Pedestrian Attitudes and Behaviors[1], 13 percent of bicycle injuries are caused by road hazards. Bikes are particularly susceptible to accidents caused by road hazards because of their relative instability and thin tires. Unexpected and abrupt changes in the road surface can be treacherous, causing even the most careful, experienced cyclist to fall or lose control and veer into the path of a car. Since bicycles are legal vehicles, they have a right to a safe road.


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