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Good food: Ringing in the New Year

December 30, 2016 - 14:44
new years

For most of us, the traditional way to welcome in the New Year is a toast of Champagne and a kiss for a loved one.

But for millions of revelers around the world, New Year’s Eve is a time to eat symbolic treats in the hopes of bringing luck, good health and prosperity in future times. The foods vary from culture to culture but all are said to bring good fortune and help let go of the old year.

Steam 33 — Café Bistro

December 02, 2016 - 13:50

Anew Mediterranean cafe Steam 33 has opened across from the courthouse in downtown Brooksville. It is located in the Jennings building which has been home to a number of restaurants in the recent past.

Our waiter gave us a business card of the owner, since it was our first time visiting the restaurant. It said owner Rodrigo Villa-Lobos. We asked where Rodrigo was and he stopped by our table to talk. It is nice to visit small businesses where the proprietor is on premises and can correct any issues.

Dining Out: Nouvelle Cuisine

November 24, 2016 - 10:50

Belgian – French Fine Dining

Lamb entree, Nouvelle Cuisine in Spring Hill

Way back in 1999, a couple came to Spring Hill and opened a restaurant. That restaurant is called Nouvelle Cuisine.

Housed in a quiet, unassuming stretch of shops set off Spring Hill Drive, its unassuming exterior belies what delights are inside.

Owners, Chef Jan Kinds and his wife, Isabelle Roos, hail from Bruges in Belgium. Kinds learned his craft growing up in the family restaurant in his native Belgian town of Bruges and specializes in delicious Belgian and French cooking like Coquille St. Jacques, Dover Sole and Steak topped with traditional Belgian sauces.

Bigun's BarBQ: Down Home Food

November 19, 2016 - 19:03
Bigun's BarBQ

Bigun’s BBQ is located in one of the long narrow buildings in front of the powerlines on Sunshine Grove Road near the intersection with State Road 50. The restaurant is easily noticeable from the street and it has a large smiling pig’s head on the side of the building.

There are a number of individuals who will only eat at BBQ places with a pig on the building so this fits the bill.

Good Food: Richie B's Brick Oven Pizza

October 22, 2016 - 13:34

Richie B’s Brick Oven Pizza is located on Mariner Boulevard just north of Northcliffe Boulevard in a small strip mall next to Suncoast Credit Union. It lists pizza and other menu items on the front window with large letters.

The owner is Richie B and he is an experienced restaurateur who didn’t find retirement all that much fun. Richie would rather be cooking up a pie and taking care of customers at his pizza place in Spring Hill.


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