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December Fishin’ Report

December 02, 2017 - 00:44

The storms are gone, the weather is a little cooler, and the trout are back on the flats.

Limits of trout are being caught in two to three feet of water.

The most popular method of finding them is to drift with the tide while casting suspending hard baits like the MR17 or Catch 2000 from MirrOlure.

Use a pattern of twitch, twitch, pause, retrieve. Jigs are another good choice. I most often use a 1 eighth oz jig head with a 4 inch Gulp Swimming Mullet in pearl white, but depending on conditions other colors may get more bites.

May Fishin' Report

May 20, 2017 - 11:20
Baker holds a trout he caught, the primary target for the month of May.

Flies and fishing go together right? Well, not the kind of flies that hatch here in May. Whether you call them deer flies, yellow flies or May flies, they all bite hard and leave big welts on our skin.

My solution? Stay out of the creeks and away from the islets. Move out onto the flats.

April fishin' report

April 15, 2017 - 13:25
Captain Duane Baker

April is, in my opinion, the best month to fish inshore in the flats and back country. Spring tides are flushing bait from the banks and making navigation easier. The strong winds of March are calming down and the temperature is comfortable.

The main target species are redfish, trout, and snook although many others may be caught like flounder, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, and Spanish macs.

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