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FDOT looks for ways to speed up roundabout solution to dangerous intersection amid protest

November 19, 2017 - 01:44
July 27, 2015- Citrus Way and 98- crash kills 5 and injures 2 when a box truck traveling south on Citrus Way did not stop at the intersection, barreling over a pick up truck traveling west on US 98. The 5 killed were in the pick up.

She was witness to one of the most brutal and deadliest crashes at the dangerous intersection in front of her store. She saw bystanders snatch the dead, charred body of the driver from the fiery crash of the battered pick-up truck. It was not until 30 minutes later that anyone realized another burnt, dead body was still inside the smoldering truck cab.

I never want to see anything like that again,"says Donna Dilling, owner of Des Champs, the country convenience store at the perilous intersection of US 98 and County Road 491 about eight miles northwest of Brooksville.

Spring Hill ex-parachuter receives honor award

November 14, 2017 - 00:40
Mel Greene with his Medal of Honor

A Spring Hill man was recently honored as the 2017 82nd Airborne-All American Medal of Honor Award Winner.

Mel Greene, a resident of Hernando County since 1992, was "shocked" when notified of the award at the 82nd Army Airborne Association Convention this past August in Orlando. Greene's honor included leading a parade of approximately 300 troops and Veterans through Disney World down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Later that night, Greene addressed the convention, attended by more than 700 people, where he received the special medallion and official honor award.

Hernando Commissioners delay decision on brownfield request

November 08, 2017 - 00:06
Michael Goldstein, Esq. of Goldstein Environmental Law Firm

The Hernando County Commission voted unanimously to kick the can down the road, but the problem is no one knows for sure just what is in the can.

Faced with either approving a request from a developer for the brownfield designation or denying the request for a brownfield designation, County Commissioners decided to continue, or delay, its final decision until the Dec. 5 meeting. A brownfield is land whose use may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of polluted or hazardous waste.

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