Building a Platform Fit for an Osprey

by Linda Vanderveen and Dennis Capaz
organized by Alice Mary Herden
Photography by Alice Mary Herden, Linda Vanderveen and Dennis Capaz

Osprey Photo by Alice Mary Herden

In March 2016 the Hernando Audubon Society with help from Withlacoochee Electric erected a 40 foot osprey perch at Linda Pederson Park.  The perch is intended for ospreys to use as a nesting site. Linda Vanderveen and Dennis Capaz from the Hernando Audubon were huge supporters of this project.  In this article they detail how the osprey perch came to be and some interesting facts about this graceful bird of prey.

Ospreys are found by water, including ponds, lakes, rivers, or coastal areas. They are impressive with their 5-6 foot wingspan.  



image by FWC

THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, December 13, 2016.......... State money was spread across 12 counties on Tuesday to help reduce the potential for conflicts between Florida's bear and human populations.

Most of the $825,000 in "BearWise" program money will go to lower the cost of bear-resistant trash cans for residents, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a release announcing the grants.

FWC postpones bear hunting in 2016

Photography by FWC

EASTPOINT, Fla. - Today, the seven-member Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) voted to postpone bear hunting in Florida in 2016. Although the framework for bear hunting in Florida remains in place, there will be a zero hunt objective set for 2016, and the Commission could consider future bear hunting in 2017.

Second rescued Florida Panther kitten finds new home at wildlife park

Guest Article by Susan Strawbridge, Park Services Specialist

HOMOSASSA, Fla. -- Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park has welcomed a second endangered Florida panther kitten. The kitten, now 7 to 8 months old, is named Sakata. He weighs approximately 35 to 40 pounds. He was found on Monday, January 18, 2016 by employees performing routine field maintenance at the Sakata Research Station in Fort Myers, Florida. The male panther kitten was only 2 to 3 months old when found abandoned and sleeping in one of the fields.

Hike at Lake Townsend Preserve

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

 View of the Withlacoochee River from the pier at Lake Townsen Park

This preserve and park would not be here if not for the dedication of people from Hernando County. It's a part of the Lake Townsend history that James King knows well.

King is Hernando County’s Environmentally Sensitive Lands Specialist and explained why this is the people’s park.

This was part of Colonel Robbins property at one time, and when the US Government bought it they declared it surplus, that way the county was able to purchase the property. The preserve is a conservation bordered by Lake Lindsey Road, Lingle Road, Osage Street and Daly Road.

Wildlife Photography at Chinsegut

Hernando Sun Staff

Wildlife Exhibit_  Gina Philhower, Director of Chinsegut Conservation Center with Alice Mary Herden, member of the Hernando County Photographers. Photo by Bob Lewis

This weekend Chinsegut Conservation Center hosted a Wildlife Photography Exhibit showcasing photography from members of Hernando County Photographers. With an assortment of photos from flowers to birds, is just a glimpse of what you can see on the trails.

“This is a new event for the center, but it’s definitely something we hope to continue to offer on yearly basis. This gives the visitor something that we really never offered before as well as it also serves a fundraiser for us to support our educational programs,” said Gina Philhower, Director of Chinsegut Conservation Center.

Trees Come Down at Chinsegut, Despite Couple's Efforts to Save Them

Oak logs piled up in parking area of Chinsegut Wildlife and Conservation Area

The loud droning of trucks, heavy equipment, chainsaws, and wood chippers were heard yesterday morning, May 6th at the Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area as dozens of healthy native laurel oak trees were logged from the property surrounding the conservation center. The cutting of the oaks surrounding the center began on Monday May 2, leaving many areas exposed to the impending summer heat including the historic Bishop home sight, conservation center building and parking area.


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