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Bayfront Health, My Gynecologist launch online scheduling service

Bayfront Health SUBMISSION

New and existing patients of Bayfront Health Medical Group and My Gynecologist, now have convenient, any-time access to make an appointment online with select medical providers.

Bayfront Health Medical Group and My Gynecologist affiliated with Bayfront Health Brooksville and Bayfront Health Spring Hill are among the first health care providers in the area to offer a real-time online booking service. Increasing the convenience of this new service, some appointments are available for a same-day or next-day visit to the provider’s office.

The Decline of Facial Recognition in Dementia

Mr. Gary LeBlanc is a health columnist specializing in dementia care.  He has authored over 350 articles on the subject.

Caring for my mom now in the end stage of vascular dementia, I have learned that when I walk into the room, I need to start talking as soon as she has visual contact with me. I can see in her eyes and facial expression that she truly doesn’t recognize me. She does however know my voice.

Another lesson that I have learned is that I must keep my beard trimmed short. Once it starts getting long, it gets extremely grey and I start resembling a man by the name of Saint Nick and my mother truly has no idea of who I am.

Vincent House expanding to Hernando County

Before seeking help from Vincent House, said Justin Shea, “I left a six month indentation on my parents’ couch… I wouldn’t go outside…” He explained that in high school he was energetic and outgoing, but then he was diagnosed with a mental illness. “And all that was taken away from me,” he said.

Shea compares recovering from mental illness to recovering from a stroke.

Congressman Daniel Webster presents US flag to Alzheimer's Family Organization

Congressman Webster presents flag to Alzheimer's Family Organization. From left to right: John Brinker, Community Educator; Kathleen Winters, Executive Director; Matthew Barry, Board of Directors President; Congressman Daniel Webster.

On February 22, Congressman Daniel Webster presented a U.S. flag to the Alzheimer’s Family Organization. The ceremony took place at their office in Spring Hill.

Webster, the Republican representative from District 11, made the presentation in memory of his late mother who had suffered from Alzheimer’s. His mother was in a facility first, but then he decided to bring her home so he could care for her himself.

The best ways to keep your brain active

by George Mears

As we get older, it gets more and more important to take care of our brains to ensure they’re healthy enough to combat the deterioration that can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately, recent studies have shown that there may be easy ways to prevent them; keeping the brain active, healthy, and vital will strengthen cells and improve memory, which can help your mind stay sharp well into your senior years.


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