In the Mind’s Eye Art Exhibition Features Art Quilter Susan Leslie Lumsden


"Live Water" by Susan Leslie Lumsden

The ethereal and intricate work of seasoned art quilter Susan Leslie Lumsden will be showcased at The Uptown Gallery’s January Exhibition entitled “In the Mind’s Eye.” The exhibition opened January 13th and runs through the end of February. Among the many local artists whose work will be shown, at least a dozen of Lumsden’s large-scale art quilts will be on display.

Young Artist Raises Awareness of Mental Illness

Mental illness is something that impacts and affects more individuals than one may realize. Whether it’s a neighbor, a friend or the stranger walking past you in the street, chances are there are a number of individuals around you at any given moment who are fighting an internal battle. That battle may be depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental illness.

In fact, the CDC reported that from 2009-2012, more than 1 in 20 individuals ages 12 and older “reported current depression (moderate or severe depressive symptoms in the past 2 weeks).”

PHSC exhibit highlights the art aspect of architecture

photography by Elizabeth Dentato

Matthew Kurtz beside his piece on display at STEMworks.

When the word, “art,” is mentioned, many people may automatically think of painting, music, drawing, and so on. But, architecture can also be seen as a form of art. Not only does it takes imagination to create new and innovative designs and artistic talent to bring those ideas to life, but it can also be used to express or capture feelings.

Mural Tour: Saturday Stroll

Saturday stroll mural was sponsored by James and Anna Covell, and designed and painted by Maurea Sleesman.

As you may have seen in our previous issue, during Brooksville’s Founders Week to celebrate the 160th Anniversary of the town, a number of wonderful events took place, including the Historic Mural Tour, which was led by Susan Rupe.

After we viewed the murals which depict the fire and police departments, the next mural on the tour Saturday Stroll painted in 2001, located on the A.L. Covell building at East Liberty Street and South Brooksville Ave. The mural was sponsored by James and Anna Covell, and designed and painted by Maurea Sleesman.

The "lyrical" work of artist Mary Coogler

photography of artwork by Elizabeth Dentato

Painting by Mary A. Coogler

Brooksville and Hernando County as a whole are rich in history. A visible reminder of that long history is now on display at Chinsegut Hill in the form of art. The Mary Coogler Art Show features the art of Mary Anderson Coogler - an artist who created wonderful pieces showcasing the beauty of Florida.

Mary Anderson Coogler came to Brooksville with her sister Mrs. George Martin in 1895 from Springfield, TN. During her stay, she met Theodore Coogler Jr. (Raymond Robins' attorney) and they were married three years later.

Gallery in the Glen welcomes art lovers

Photography by Elizabeth Dentato

Dan Trehey standing next to two Patrick Guyton pieces, which are his favorite pieces that they have in the shop.

A wonderful art gem located in Hernando County is welcoming art lovers from around the Tampa Bay area to view their wide range of art. They have something that is sure to interest everyone - whether you like creative jewelry, sculptures, abstract art, photography, more realistic or impressionist paintings, art constructed with paper, or even pieces made out of shells. You’ll be amazed at the wide variety they have to offer.

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