Tech Talk: Feel right at home with travel storage devices

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Tech Talk: Feel right at home with travel storage devices

January 06, 2017 - 19:49

Rocco Maglio, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISSP, has over 20 years in the field of software engineering.

Over the holidays, many families spend time traveling in their cars. There are number of devices that make can provide entertainment while traveling. The two devices to consider are mobile hotspots and mobile storage devices.

Rocco Maglio, CISSP

There are mobile hotspots that use a mobile data network. The mobile hotspot shares the network with other devices, so you can have Internet access when you are traveling. We use it to allow our laptops to have Internet access in the car. We can put articles online or research via the Internet while on the road to visit family.

Some mobile phones and data plans allow you to use your mobile phone as a hotspot, others do not. If you are unable to use your phone as a hotspot, the Hernando County library has hotspots that you can checkout and use on your trip. The only limitation is the lack of a cellular data signal.

There are also wireless mobile storage devices that will allow you to share movies, music, and other media with multiple devices.

This does not require a cellular signal. You load music and data on to these devices and you can access it via wifi from phones, tablets, or laptops.

This allows everyone in the car to watch what they want from the media you chose to bring.

These devices allow the passengers to work or play on trips. Now it’s possible to take advantage of the time spent in the car to actually accomplish work or enjoy themselves.

Road trips are becoming more enjoyable and as self driving car technology is advanced, driving to visit family will have almost all of the advantages of home.