Vitality for Veterans Clinic Launch

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Wed, 05/04/2016 - 11:43am

Vitality for Veterans Clinic Launch

May 04, 2016 - 11:43

Hernando Sun Staff

Vitality for Veterans is Hernando County's newest support system for military and veteran families. It was founded by one of our communities established chiropractic physicians, Dr. Jessica Allen. While Dr. Allen currently welcomes all patients, patrons not on Medicare with a military ID, Veteran’s status, and their dependants receive chiropractic care for free.

Dr. Allen is one of many physicians in this country that is extremely tired of the treatment options our families who serve our country are forced to settle with. The health insurance military families and veterans are issued makes obtaining coverage for chiropractic care and other natural forms of pain relief nearly impossible and almost always with stipulations insuring failure of the care.

This leaves most chiropractic physicians in a position where they have to charge military and veteran families full cash rates for care. Dual-fee laws prevent doctors from being able to offer a discount to anyone for any reason. Medicare’s rules are even stricter: it’s illegal to treat a patient with Medicare and not bill Medicare, and it’s illegal to give this population anything for free. Medicare’s thought process is if doctors offer care (or t-shirts, coffee cups, etc) to it’s patients for free, it will entice them to come into the office whether they need the care or not.

Dr. Allen sought the advice of a few attorneys and came up with a solution: Establish an entirely separate non-profit clinic. Dr. Allen’s 501(c)(3) charity status allows her to see military and veteran families not on Medicare completely for free. “It’s like having two offices in one.” Dr. Allen states. “Many chiropractic physicians share office space with each other or with providers of other specialties, so sometimes when you go to your doctor, there are many businesses running under the same roof--but you don’t notice because they all utilize the same staff and some of the same computer programs. This is the same idea, except for now I’m the only doctor. There are a few extra business formalities and a lot more paperwork to keep organized, but I’m so excited to start giving back to the families that have given so much to our country.”

All funds Dr. Allen collects from non-military patients go directly to Vitality for Veterans. Her hopes are that in 2016 she is awarded enough donations and grants to allow for a completely separate office space families can receive care at in January 2017. She also hopes to add a variety of holistic health services utilizing many other health professionals who share her same passion.

Dr. Allen believes active military and Veterans-like her husband Dylan, are some of the most deserving of natural remedies to control pain and gain wellness. Many of these people and their families are managing multiple conditions, some very severe like PTSD, and would greatly benefit from decreased or eliminated dependence on pain medications and risky pain management procedures. Her mission is simple: Keep Those Who Serve Pain Free.
To help celebrate the establishment of this non-profit clinic, Dr. Allen is hosting a Launch Party on Saturday May 14th. “I have gained an AMAZING amount of support for this event, I’m almost speechless! Rita’s Italian Ice, Wild Buck Whiskey, other health professionals like Gaia’s Luxury Mobile Spa, local musicians, artists, and many other vendors have come together to make this great party possible. I have a busload of volunteers from MacDill Air Force Base coming to help, and more businesses contact me every day to ask how they can contribute. I’ve even heard Queen Elsa herself is going to pay a visit!”

If you are interested in attending the event, call Dr. Allen's office at (813) 444-3193 to RSVP and for directions to her office.

Dr. Allen will have her staff ready to help patients schedule appointments at the event.

More details about Vitality for Veterans’ mission and goals can be found on it’s Facebook page: