At the Car Wash

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At the Car Wash

January 26, 2017 - 14:22
Stephen Gillespie finishes cleaning the interior of Michael Smith’s Mercedes at the Weeki Washee Car Wash.

Weeki Washee Car Wash - "Your car will never want to leave"

They take very good care of cars here,” said Michael Smith of CTSGraphics, a regular at the Weeki Washee Car Wash on Cortez Boulevard.

He proudly pointed over to his vehicle being towel dried by car wash staff — a large black Mercedes SUV, gleaming as brightly in the sun as the day it left the factory.

Michael Smith of CTSGraphics looks on as his Mercedes SUV is hand dried and polished at the Weeki Washee CAr Wash on Monday.

“I get unlimited deluxe washes for my vehicle for $49 a month so I come here often,” he said.

We Americans love our cars and trucks but, apparently, not quite enough to actually get ourselves dirty shampooing, buffing and polishing them.

There are men and women out there who openly admit they’ve never washed their own vehicle. But, it’s not just laziness, another reason is that we are buying vehicles these days that are much larger and therefore harder to clean.

Why faff around with hoses, buckets and sponges at home when there’s a professional car wash close by that will hand-wash your car for you in less than half an hour?

Greg Jones, owner of the Weeki Washee Car Wash in Brooksville, said that Americans spend billions at car washes every year. It’s a huge industry.

The hand wash tunnel at the Weeki Washee car wash where no machines or automated brushes touch your vehicles.

Fortunately, not all car washing is about automation. The new phenomenon to keep your car looking brand, spanking new is ‘hand washing’ where no machines or brushes touch your vehicle.

Let’s face it, next to buying a home, your vehicle is a huge investment and you want to look after it — take care of it.

All car finishes, deteriorate because of the damaging effects of the environment — like oxidization, fading, clouding of headlights to name a few. Washing your car regularly at a quality car wash will protect your car’s finish for a long time.

“People really care about the appearance of their vehicles,” said Jones. “The paintwork, the interior, all need to be properly taken care of in order to keep it looking new,” he said.

Jones’ hand wash business philosophy is centered on four key factors: Courtesy, speed, quality, and value. and he holds true many of the long-held traditions of the personal service car wash experience.

Jones said, “It might take 5 or 10 minutes longer here, but you’re getting a better result.”

Weeki Washee Car Wash

The Weeki Washee Car Wash, formerly Mr. Spiffy, was reopened by Jones in January 2015 after an overhaul of the premises which had lain unused for a year or more. Its mechanized wash tunnel with automatic rollers and brushes now replaced by simple high pressure water sprays to rinse vehicles after hand washing.

“Depending what service the customer chooses, we begin by vacuuming the vehicle, including the trunk,” Donny Parent said, the assistant manager at Weeki Washee.

“Then it’s taken to the beginning of the hand wash tunnel and our crew does a complete hand wash before sending it to be rinsed through the tunnel. The glass is cleaned last because it may have picked up grime and dirt during the other steps.” he said.

Jones added that he gets the best results by buffing glass and windows with a microfiber cloth.

“It does a great job of getting rid of cleaner residue. That residue, as well as oils from your skin, causes streaks and spots on the inside of windows,” he said. “We like to use microfibre products because they’re super absorbent and have fine nonscratch fibres that absorb a lot of water,” said Jones. “They’re color coded for different purposes — some are best for bodywork, others for windows.”

Customer Mrs. Sylvie Butler from the nearby Highpoint community said, “The staff here are the friendliest in the county. They do a great job and I shall always bring my car here.”

Weeki Washee prices start at $11 for a Wash and Go; a full service is $16, and the deluxe is $20.95. There’s also an Early Bird discount between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. For other services and full detailing prices, visit the Weeki Wash website at


Weeki Washee Car Wash is located at 12125 Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, Fl.

Mon - Sat:
9am to 5pm

(352) 600-7813